We’re coming to you live today on the second day of the Forbidden Fruit Festival here in IMMA. We arrived on site yesterday morning to blue skies and a scorching sun and the first thing we did was change into our new Cock and Bull t-shirts.

The crew of 22 people spent the day filming interviews with Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, Bitches with Wolves, Beardyman, Colourmusic, Wild Beasts, Ham Sandwich, The Subs, Land Lovers, The Phoenix Foundation and Spies and filmed live performances by all of the above as well as Jape and Aeroplane.  Our photographers took some pictures of the interviews and live performances to show you what we’ve been up to so far this weekend.

Mr. Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips gave us an incredible interview

Chatting with James O’ Neill of Bitches With Wolves

We filmed the Bitches With Wolves set in the Undergrowth Stage

Katie and Dave met the guys from Colourmusic for a quick interview

After that we went along to catch Jape on the Original Stage

The guys from New Zealand band The Phoenix Foundation stopped by for a chat before we filmed their live performance below

An interview and live performance by British band Wild Beasts

We found an sculpture on the grounds of IMMA where we sat down for an interview with Ham Sandwich who gave a great performance later on

Barack O’Banana of Ham Sandwich

Local band Spies gave us an interview before their performance in the evening

We talked to Land Lovers indoors as it started to get colder

Belgian electronic artist Aeroplane performed a set in the Undergrowth Stage, unfortunately we didn’t have time time get an interview

Beardyman gave us another entertaining interview (lying down this time) which was more of an “interesting” chat about horses than about his music

Belgian band The Subs ran away with Katie for a second and then performed in the Undergrowth Stage

The last band to play yesterday on the Original Stage was The Flaming Lips. We got to film their opening which was incredible and involved giant multi-coloured balloons, confetti guns, streamers, Wayne Coyne rolling around the audience in a giant inflatable ball, lasers and fans dancing on the side of the stage dressed as characters from The Wizard of Oz.  Everyone agreed it was the highlight of the day and a perfect end to our first day at Forbidden Fruit.

All Photographs by Peter Fingleton and Emma Grimes

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Finally, here’s a teaser video of what we filmed yesterday, be sure to check out the full videos on our youtube channel very soon